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Welcome to the Peace Zone

A Peace Zone is an area, community, group of people or an individual that is actively contributing and creating the Peace Zone Ethos.

Peace Zone Ethos

1. We are responsible for our thoughts, words and actions.

2. We are inter-connected with our world, nature and all living beings

3. We can choose to create a peaceful community and world

4. Everything we think, say and do is to bring the change we want to see in the world


The Peace Zone is a Social Enterprise which means that we are about making positive social change to individuals, local communities, Countries and the World.

All profits are reinvested back into the business, communities or other positive causes.


We depend on support and funding to continue our work.

Your donations would be greatly appreciated.


Currently we are raising funds to invest in start up equipment including:

  • A full set of 200 Flags of all the Countries in the World
  • PA system
  • Stands to hold the flags
  • Marketing materials


If you would like to make a donation, please enter it below.